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value from their Location Domain.

What exactly is a Location Domain?  The Location Domain is an extremely valuable asset that includes address information about your customers, suppliers, operations and other stakeholders. 
Why not just call it “Address Data”?  A company’s Location Domain is more than just a repository of addresses covering a variety of people, places and things.  It is the knowledge and recognition that this address information can impact your company in so many ways, and most importantly, affect its financial performance.
The Location Domain is integrated into every department within the company.  
Marketing can use data from the Location Domain to better understand who the company’s best customers are, and how to identify best prospects that look similar.  Sales can use this data to better assign territories and connect with their clients.  Operations can ensure materials and personnel are sent to the right place.  Accounting and Finance can insure that billing statements and payments are mailed to a deliverable address.  

The quality of the data in the Location Domain can impact your company’s revenue and expense lines both positively and negatively.  
Address Validation

We provide the resources and services to ensure companies get the most value from their Location Domain. This includes over 12 custom APIs and software solutions, all designed to maintain, update and correct existing data repositories.

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Reverse Geo-Coding

Our proprietary Geo-Coding systems and processes will provide the most accurate addresses tied to longitude and latitude coordinates, providing our customers with a distinct competitive advantage over legacy solutions that have been deemed “Good Enough”. Read More

Enhanced Parcel Data

We have a strategic partner well known for having excellent parcel data, and together, we have taken it to a whole new level.

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Address Data

We help companies supplement their Location Domain data with our abundant address resources, including our own complete U.S. database with over 180 million residential and business addresses.

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Customer Analysis

We cultivate real marketing insights for companies by grooming and mining existing customer address data.

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We turn addresses into assets. Get in touch with us.

Ageon serves clients from a wide range of industries.

Why Choose Ageon?

Customer Focused

Our focus is always on providing our customers with the most complete and accurate address data possible, along with the best technology solutions to utilize the data in their business environment.

Extensive Experience

We have decades of experience building the most accurate address data repository, along with the systems and technology knowledge to put that data to use in your Location Domain.

Quality Data

We are committed to continually enhance our proprietary U.S. address data base. We identify new addresses as they appear, and update existing records as needed.  We supplement our data with best in class related attributes. 


We are committed to providing our client’s with the best Location Domain products and services, while promising to keep the cost of our solutions very affordable.

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